Dating A Shy Guy


It’s probably true that for every aggressive and swaggering guy, there are about a hundred other guys who just stay in the shadows and shy away from the attention. These are the guys you will typically find in shy online dating sites. The thing about these shy guys is that most of them are actually good guys, just the type of men being sought by women who are sick and tired of dating jerks who are brimming with confidence but just end up hurting them.


In most cases, a guy’s shyness can be cute, even endearing. However, dating a shy guy may also mean a lot of long, uncomfortable pauses and tension when you’re together. The guy you’re currently dating may be a good guy in all respects, but you have got to help him get out of that shell to avoid frustrating situations in the future. Here is some dating a shy guy advice that can help you do just that.


1. Be friends. Try observing his behavior when he’s with his friends and you’ll see that he’ll tend to be more relaxed. Spend time with him doing things that friends normally do, and he’ll eventually be more comfortable when you’re together. Just don’t overdo the “friend” thing or you’ll end up being “friend-zoned”.


2. Ask for his help. One of the things that could boost your guy’s confidence is asking him for help in something. If you have computer problems and you know the guy to be a techie, then have him come over to your place to check it out. Car problems are also typical things you can ask him to rescue you from. Then again, remember to keep the things you’re asking for to within what you know are his areas of expertise. Ask him for something he knows nothing about, and you’ll end up pushing him further into his shell.


3. See him in his element. Is your guy a good basketball player? Then be there and see him play. If your guy is not really the athletic type, but is really smart and a regular at his neighborhood pub for trivia night, then go join his team. You are essentially giving him the chance to show off, and that can only be great for giving his confidence a boost.


4. Compliment him sincerely. Nothing gives a person’s confidence a boost more than a sincere compliment. Whatever it is that he does really well, don’t miss out on a chance to compliment him about it. Let’s say that you really liked a humor piece he wrote and posted on his blog. Don’t forget to tell him how much you liked it, especially the parts that you thought were hilarious. A loud cheer when he makes a three-point shot during a basketball game will also be compliment enough.


5. Call him by a complimentary nickname. This could help him open up some more. After all, a complimentary or even cute nickname suggests a certain degree of intimacy between the two of you, and that your connection is more than just superficial.


6. A little patience. A shy guy does not become this totally confident man overnight. Helping a guy shed some of that shyness could take some time, which is why you should be patient about it.

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