How to Impress a Boy

It is a fact of life that some women attract men without making an effort. History is filled with women who have men wrapped easily around their finger even if they didn’t do much as far as ways to impress a boy are concerned. However, it is also a fact of life that many women are not like that. More often than not, these women have to take the extra mile when it comes to get a boy’s attention. Fortunately, while attracting a man is not exactly easy, a woman who knows how to impress a boy will find it a lot less complicated than expected.

First things first: boys and men are very visual creatures. Before anything else, men are always attracted first by the appearance of a woman. Along with the way you behave, your looks will matter to a guy more than anything else. Needless to say, making yourself look good at all times is key to attracting men. Looking good to a man, however, can be a bit tricky at times. You will want to look hot and sexy to a guy you have eyes on, but you would not want to give out the impression that you’re easy based on the way you wear makeup or the way you dress. Unless they are dogs who are out for nothing more than to score sexually, men—the decent ones at least—are generally turned off by women who wear too much makeup or dress like a harlot. Just keep the makeup to a minimum, and wear clothes that do not show too much skin but accentuates your figure just the same.

Confidence also makes any woman a man magnet, so to speak. Unless the guys around you have the mentality of a feudal lord from the Middle Ages, men generally prefer women who are oozing with confidence from every pore. Even when your conversations with guys do not really necessarily convert into relationships, the men you have bantered with will always remember that great gal they had the pleasure of talking with, and may even talk to his friends about you. On the flipside is low self-esteem, which often manifests in clinginess. Whatever you do, never be perceived as clingy, pathetic or desperate, as that is not how to attract men.

Being playful also comes a long way when trying to attract a guy. A little touchy-feely wouldn’t hurt, like when you’re laughing together about something. Touch his shoulder lightly, and that would make a lot of difference in the world. Greeting him with a hug will also be nice.


Most importantly of all, be yourself. This may sound a bit clichéd, but it nevertheless holds true. Men who like you for—or despite—the way you are is a keeper, and that is something you certainly want in your life. Do not waste your time on men who will turn away at the slightest imperfection that you manifest. They are certainly not worth it.

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