What men love to hear- 10 compliments that will make him happy!

We all know how women love—or in many cases, need—compliments. Whether you’re wearing a nice dress or just had your hair done with a new style, you want your men to give you compliments about it. More often than not, many of us end up feeling sore when our guy fails to give us that all-important “hey, your hair looks great” or “you look gorgeous in that dress” remark we expect from them. Sometimes, we even start fights when we don’t get complimented the way we want to.

However, has it ever occurred to you that men also love being complimented on anything? Sometimes, we forget that giving compliments is a two-way street. Men being men, they do not necessarily openly crave or fish for compliments the way many women do. That, however, doesn’t mean that they won’t appreciate a kind word or two from you.  Here are 10 compliments that will certainly make your man happy if you’re ever kind enough to throw them his way.

1.  “You’re so funny.” Men love being given the assurance that they tickle your funny bone. With you laughing at every joke, anecdote or witticism that comes out of his mouth, you are in effect telling him that he makes you happy, and men love being told that.

2.  “You’re so great in bed.” This is a rather obvious compliment, but it’s a fact that not too many women compliment their guy’s ability in the sack. If your guy really is a sex god, then tell him that every chance you get. You’ll boost his self-esteem, and will even try to become better at it. That, of course, is good news for you.

3.  “I have the greatest respect for you.” If women crave to be loved and cherished, men in general desire to be respected more than anything else. If they don’t feel that kind of respect coming from anyone they’re with, they would tend to withdraw, and that would be it for you.

4. “You look great.” Men enjoy an ego-stroking as much as women. Tell him how handsome or sexy he is, and you’ll have a guy who’ll become even handsomer and sexier because of the confidence your compliment would give him.

5. “I feel safe when I’m with you.” Men are hard-wired to be protective of anyone they’re with. When you tell a guy how safe you feel whenever you’re with him, you are paying him one of the best compliments of his life.

6.  “Your friends are a hoot to be with.” A guy’s friends are some of the most important people in his life. He would love it if he would actually hear straight from your mouth that you actually get along well with them.

7. “You make me better.” Being told how he’s improved your life is perhaps one of the biggest compliments he can ever get from you.

8. “You make me proud.” In anything that they do, men need the reassurance that they are doing a good job. What better way to say it than telling him how proud he makes you?

9. “You’re so smart.” If you’re dating a guy who has more than average smarts, never forget to remind him how awesome you think he is.


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